Street Division

This Division is composed of several crews that perform distinguished duties.

Storm Drain Crew

  • Complete storm drain repairs.
  • Install new storm drains.
  • Perform maintenance of cleaning the drain systems, and ditching.
  • Check storm drain trouble areas on a monthly basis.

Patching Crew

  • Patch streets to repair utility cuts, potholes, etc.
  • Surface treat alleys.
  • Shoulder maintenance.

Concrete Crew

  • Make concrete repairs on curbs, guttering, sidewalks and driveway entrances.
  • Install new curbs, guttering, sidewalks and driveway entrances.
  • Deliver concrete to other departments as needed.
  • Any other project that the City may require concrete work (footers, foundations, retaining walls, floors, etc.)

Road Crew

All employees in this Division, along with employees from other Divisions, perform snow removal during inclement weather.

This Division works with the City Manager's Office and Engineering Department to plan future paving, road widening, storm drain systems, correcting traffic hazards and adding curbing and sidewalks in areas that currently have none.

  • Maintain and repair existing street traffic and miscellaneous signs.
  • Update pavement markings to direct, inform and guide the public safely and efficiently throughout the City.
  • Install new street, traffic and miscellaneous signs.
  • Paint new street markings when necessary.
  • Conduct traffic control studies.
  • A street sweeper runs a route throughout the City on a daily basis.