Services Division

Black Police Car

The Services Division functions as a centralized administrative component for specialized units and has the primary responsibility of providing support services and resources to all department elements. This division is also responsible for providing logistical supplies (uniforms and equipment) to all elements of the Department.

Special Units

Professional Standards / Crime Prevention

This unit functions as an administrative resource to the Office of the Chief of Police through the research, development and maintenance of policy and procedure, and maintenance of the Department's accredited status. The unit oversees and participates in the facilitation of crime prevention activities of the Crime Prevention Team.

Programs of the Standards / Crime Prevention Unit include:

  • Citizens' Academy - An introspective review of all elements of the police department held in the spring of each year. The Citizens Academy will allow participants to learn about all facets of police work ranging from dispatching, Emergency Response, Forensics, Patrol, Animal Control and CALEA accreditation.
  • Salem Neighborhood Watch - A program designed to provide a two way conduit of information between the police department and the citizens of Salem aimed at crime prevention.

Forensics Unit

Functions as the repository for evidentiary items in secure storage; examines, classifies, and catalogs fingerprint evidence and maintains photographic equipment; oversees and assists in the processing of crime scenes and submits evidence to state forensic laboratories.

Traffic Unit

Specialized unit that primarily enforces traffic laws and ordinances. Also performs vehicular accident investigations.

  • VA Association of Chiefs of PoliceAward-winning participant in the Virginia Law Enforcement Challenge Awards.

Drug Abuse Resistance Education

Officers provide DARE lessons to students in the City Elementary Schools. Officers also facilitate the DARE picnic for 5th graders during the late spring.

School Resource Officer

Officers assigned to Andrew Lewis Middle School and Salem High School. These Officers complete various tasks within the law enforcement sector and provide instructional programs for students.

School Crossing Guards

Civilian (non-sworn) employees who facilitate safe pedestrian traffic at the various schools in the City

Specialized Units

The various sworn elements of the Department provide resources on an "as needed" basis with regard to several important units. Employees that are assigned to a specialized unit possess advanced training relative to the specific function or purpose.

Emergency Response Team (ERT) 

Sworn members who respond to, manage and resolve critical situation incidents such as armed barricaded subject, hostage situations, or any circumstance where the potential for significant risk to officer safety is present ( i.e. warrant service, drug interdiction/search warrant etc.) The ERT is equipped with a variety of weapons, chemical agents and tools with the objective to effectively and safely bring a situation to a positive outcome.

Bicycle Patrol Team

Officers who have successfully completed training in the police mountain bicycle program can be deployed to patrol (on police bicycles) at special events and in routine police duties. Officers who perform this task are assigned at events such as the Salem Fair, Olde Salem Days and the annual Salem Christmas Parade.

Crime Prevention Team

Officers who have successfully completed advanced crime prevention training assist in the facilitation of the popular Salem Neighborhood Watch Program. Employees who serve in this capacity are highly knowledgeable in the topics of physical and electronic security. They are capable of performing security assessments and providing recommendations to enhance the security aspects of homes and businesses.

Color Guard

In 1982 the department organized a Color Guard Unit for formal occasions and special events. The Color Guard is composed of officers who volunteer for the unit. The Color Guard participates in a variety of events throughout the City of Salem year round to include:

  • The City of Salem Christmas Parade
  • Opening Ceremonies for NCAA Division III sporting events hosted by the City of Salem
  • Graduation Ceremonies at the Cardinal Criminal Justice Academy
  • Other special events, including funerals, in which the Color Guard is requested

The customs and traditions which surround the display and use of our flag are guides to the means by which we as proud and grateful citizens may demonstrate the ultimate respect for the flag of our nation. In honoring and saluting our flag we demonstrate affection for our nation, fellow citizens and the proud future we share.

We respect our flag because we have respect for our fellow citizens and because our love of country finds its center in our flag.

The Color Guard Unit is a proud tradition of the Salem Police Department that seeks to properly honor our Country, our Community, and our Profession through the ceremonious presentation of the flags of The United States of America, The Commonwealth of Virginia, and The City of Salem.

The services of the Color Guard Unit may be requested through the Office of the Deputy Chief of Police at 540-375-3010.

Scout Explorer Post 606

Under the auspices of the Boy Scouts of America, Scout Explorer Post 606 is chartered as a law enforcement post for the purpose of providing career guidance and experience for young men and women between the ages of 14 and 21. A number of Explorers have graduated to become professional law enforcement officers in a number of different agencies. The Department furnishes advisors who are sworn employees, and the use of the classroom for meetings. Explorers have provided a great resource of assistance during many special events such as open houses, the Salem Fair and Olde Salem Days.