All land-disturbing activity greater than 5,000 square feet (SF) but less than 10,000 SF will require an agreement in lieu of plans being submitted, and the cost for this agreement is $50. In lieu of having Erosion and Sediment Control (ESC) plans prepared, the owner agrees to install E&S control measures deemed necessary by the City, per the agreement. 

View the agreement (PDF)

For land disturbing activity greater than 10,000 SF, engineered plans must be submitted and a Land Disturbing Permit is required. The cost for the permit is $30. For the planning review process, please see the Planning section.

For any Land Disturbing Activity greater than 1 acre, an additional Construction General Permit (CGP) will be required. Access the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) CGP website

For all Land Disturbing Activities that require permits, Virginia Erosion Sediment Control laws and regulations must be followed. The City of Salem will inspect sites regularly and use this Inspection Form (PDF).