Site Plan Review

Site Plan Definition

The objectives of site plan review are to: 

  • Maintain the character and integrity of neighborhoods and ensure compatible development patterns
  • Promote excellence of design
  • Encourage the most appropriate development and use of land
  • Prevent traffic hazards
  • Ensure the availability and efficient provision of public services
  • Avoid adverse impacts on the natural environment

A site plan shall be required and shall be submitted to the city for each of the following:

  • All new development in every zoning district except for single-family and two-family dwellings.
  • The conversion of any single-family or two-family dwelling to any other use or to a higher intensity residential use.
  • Additions or modifications to buildings or sites, except single-family and two-family dwellings, if said addition or modification results in a 5,000 square foot or greater increase in impervious surface area of the site. An agreement in lieu of plan may be approved by the City Engineer for sites resulting in a 5,000-9,999 square foot increase.
  • The conversion of any property from fee simple ownership to a condominium form of ownership.
  • The conversion of any building or property to a different use category, e.g., commercial to industrial.
  • Additions or modifications that may increase the requirements of any development standard including but not limited to parking, landscaping, and stormwater management.

Site Plan Forms