Yard Sales

A permit is required to hold a yard sale on any property located in the City of Salem Pursuant to City of Salem Code Sec. 22-83. 

  • Permits cost $5 and are good for up to three consecutive days.
  • Yard sale permits must be issued in the property owner's name unless the property is a rental dwelling. For rental dwellings, permits may be issued in the lessee's name.
  • The property owner's name, location of sale, and dates of sale must be provided to issue the permit.
  • Only two sales are permitted per address per calendar year.
  • Permits can be obtained at any time before the day of the sale.
  • Written permission is required from the property owner for any sale being held on commercial property.
  • Rain dates may be issued if you are not able to have your sale on any of the days listed on your permit because of weather. Permits must be brought to the Commissioner's office the following week in order for a rain date to be given.

Further regulations can be found in Salem Code Sec. 22-83.