Lost & Found

Please contact the shelter if you have any information regarding any lost or found pets. We keep lost and found reports for 30 days. If you would like to submit a lost or found animal, Email Salem Animal Shelter your information or call the shelter at 540-375-3038. We highly suggest you visit in person to do a walk-through of all possible shelters to look at the stray animals yourself. This is the only way to ensure it is not at the shelter.

Helpful tips for Locating A Lost Pet:

  • Contact all of the Animal Control Divisions in the area
  • We recommend that you put an ad in your local newspaper as soon as possible. There will be a nominal fee. There are also lost and found pet pages on Facebook.
  • Posting fliers in the area can also be helpful for locating your pet. However, some jurisdictions have ordinances or laws against this. Please check locally to find out if this applies. You can also put a sign out in your front yard. Most people who find a lost pet will walk the neighborhood and this will let them know you are missing a pet.
  • Some good Samaritan may have found your pet and taken him/her to their veterinarian. Contact nearby veterinarian hospitals. They might also post a notice on their bulletin board if they don't have your missing pet.
  • Contact Emergency Veterinary Services at 563-8575 after 6 pm weekdays and anytime on the weekends.
  • Although it is upsetting, we also recommend that you contact the departments that pick up dead animals.
  • Roanoke City - 853-2225
  • Roanoke County - 387-5488 (State Highway Department)
  • Salem City - 375-3039
  • Also, remember to notify everyone you made contact with when you find your pet.