How does I & I affect me?

During rainfall events, I and I takes up capacity in sanitary sewer pipes. It can contribute to backups and cause sanitary sewer overflows, which have the potential to contaminate our land and water. The City of Salem currently has a Consent Order due to sanitary sewer overflows.

Even if it never causes a backup, I and I can be costly to the community. I and I can impact existing system capacity, reducing available capacity for new development and requiring larger, more expensive system infrastructure. Rain water that enters the sanitary sewer must also be treated at the Roanoke Regional Water Pollution Control Plant, increasing the overall cost of treatment. Not only must the water be treated, but the plant itself must also have a reserve capacity to handle the larger flows that will occur during rain events.

Salem is committed to reducing I and I through all available resources. What is the Salem Water Department Doing?

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