How to Ride Safely
  • Wear a bike helmet.
  • Make sure bikes are the right size. A child should be able to straddle a bike with both feet on the ground.
  • Young children should use bikes with coaster brakes - the kind that brakes when you pedal backwards. With hand brakes, a child's hands should be large enough and strong enough to use the levers.
  • Avoid riding at night if at all possible. Make sure your bike has reflectors.
  • Stop at stop signs, check for traffic before turning, and never ride out into a street without stopping first.
  • Travel with the flow of traffic, that is, ride on the same side of the road as the cars.
  • Be predictable and ride defensively. Ride where drivers of cars can see you. Bicycles are frequently hit by cars because the driver did not even know the bike was there. Many accidents have been avoided because the biker was watching out for cars.
  • Wear brightly colored clothing so that motorists can easily see you.

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